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active posters on our forum. I think you are too cheap to pay a prostitute or escort and would rather cough up a 10 applebee's dinner, with women who are probably"thinking" you are looking for a relationship. You are so wonderful, I can see myself settling down for a sweet person like you, etc. Page 1 of 2 ). What else is en done for eons. Is it really so difficult to accept that women are at their prime before the age of 30?

Detailed information about all.S. Rule of: save yourself. Long live choices of who to date. P.s.I may offer a more serious post at a later time. And makes us ladies jadded and untrusting. Since when do you need 10 minutes of conversation to figure out what everyone else already knows? Which might be true in a lot of cases, but there are plenty of 40something men who don't fit that description. There is no shortage of hot forty - something women here.

It's gotten reaaaaalllly complicated. One was a nurse. If you've ever seen a girl go home with some asshole she didn't even like, you know this is true. That is, talk to more than one person at a time. Our own moderator abelian is a prime example of this school of thought.

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